Persona Wood Fire Pizzeria

Persona Pizzeria’s pies are all of the 12-inch variety. If you recall the personal pan pizzas a particular chain pizzeria used to goad young millennial kids into reading with its Book It! program, this is similar, albeit with a much more advanced pedigree. Persona advertises its personalized pizzas to be made in 90 seconds or less, thanks to the powerful oven. The menu describes eight chef’s choice varieties for $11 to $12, or a custom pie can be built starting at $7.95 for the basic pie (crust plus sauce plus cheese), with additional toppings running $1.25 each. The toppings can also be added to your own custom salad at the same rate, if one of Persona’s three stock salads aren’t quite to your liking. 

Persona nails the Neapolitan style with their crust. Fresh mozzarella is listed on the toppings menu, but the stock chef’s choice pizzas all feature the generic shredded variety, albeit in copious amounts.