Four Corners Brewery

We've always considered ourselves to be on a craft beer journey. In 2009, we were compelled to take our journey to a new level with the launch of Four Corners Brewing Company.

Over the preceding decade we had become dedicated fans of “better beer”. We had been avid home brewers as a way to better understand flavors, ingredients and brewing process. Along the way our attention was swept by the American craft brewing movement. We loved everything American craft breweries stood for… boundless innovation, raw ambition, wild creativity, new traditions, and entrepreneurial passion.

Most of all, we were fascinated by the cultural value brewers added to their cities. They brought a diverse group of people together to celebrate a common passion. Their fans were tribal and welcoming. While our city was a craft beer desert, we made it our goal to elevate craft beer culture in our community. We took inspiration from our neighborhood roots and created a place where local flavor could intersect craft brewing.

Welcome to Four Corners Brewing Company!