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Arepa TX

Arepa TX was created by a diverse team of talented individuals who have traveled the world and experienced the food and culture of many different countries. This is how we know that the smoked brisket (Texas) arepa is complete with a chimichurri sauce (Argentina) and shoestring plantains (Central America). Or that the pulled pork (U.S.) arepa is a force to be reckoned with when paired with a homemade barbeque sauce (Texas) and jicama slaw (Central America).

The menu is enhanced with salads, soups, and the house special, a seafood cocktail packed with shrimp and crab. We also offer a curated list of local beers and wines, bubbles, and aguas frescas, as well as kombucha teas and speciality sodas.

And dessert? Hold on to your hat. The frozen custard and artisanal pops will redefine your sweet tooth. Enjoy flavors such as Flan (crème caramel), tamarind, lime pie, dark chocolate hazelnut, and cinnamon.