Pure Barre McKinney

If you are looking for a full-body workout that will sculpt your muscles, come check out our Pure Barre studio in McKinney Texas! Our studio is located in the Stonebridge Ranch neighborhood, at the intersection of Virginia Drive and Stonebridge Drive. We invite people from all over McKinney, including the suburbs of Frisco, Melissa, Prosper, and Fairview. Move, lift, and strengthen your way toward an empowered mind and body with Pure Barre as your guide. 

Pure Barre is a simple but effective exercise class that incorporates the ballet barre. Our workouts are high in intensity, but low in impact to your joints. We begin each class with a few warmups, and then move into isometric exercises that will tone and tighten your arms, abs, seat, and thighs. Our workouts are paired with upbeat music, and you will leave feeling motivated and energized. Although the structure of our classes are the same, the music and exercises change regularly, providing you with an exciting workout each time you come. 

Our inspiring Pure Barre teachers will coach you through each class, and guide you through our techniques. They provide a positive and safe environment, and will encourage you as you challenge your body effectively. 

We invite people of all fitness backgrounds to Pure Barre! There are no prior skill sets necessary. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, or you have been in love with fitness for a while, everyone benefits from our challenging workouts. You will find yourself with an increase in flexibility, endurance, and overall strength.