We love succulents! They are extremely versatile and low maintenance, and not to mention, super trendy. You can plant them indoors or out, with minimal watering. Succulents come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, but they all work well together.


STEP 1: Select your Succulents

While you are hand-picking your plants, keep in mind how you want to set up your creation. Keep it interesting with different shapes and textures and complete the look with an accent color or create a focal point with a taller variety.


STEP 2: Select your Containers

With different styles, colors, shapes, and more, you will find the container (or containers) that suits you the best.

Most importantly, choose a container that has a drainage hole. It is crucial that your succulents and their soil have proper drainage because succulents do not enjoy being over watered and the roots can begun to rot. Ideally, you want the moisture to run through the soil and drain out, to keep the soil moist but not submerging your plant’s roots in water.


Step 3: Planting your Succulents

To start with, place some pebbles or charcoal for an even better drainage system at the bottom of your container.  Then add the potting soil.  Make sure to pick soil that is specifically for cactus.  I recommend Cactus, Palm & Citrus Soil by Miracle Gro.

After your soil is added, place your succulents in the container. Create a small hole in the soil for each plant and place into the soil.  Tuck the soil around the plant as you gently pressed down until the plant is straight and firm.

Repeat this for each plant.  Once complete, top off with moss or stones to add that something extra and complete the look. Or keep as is!

Step 4: Enjoy your Plants

Have fun with all the different colors and designs on our pottery and experiment with different succulent creations and placement.  Adorn your space with each creation!