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Plant and Sip, you get to plant and design your very own exotic succulent terrarium while enjoying food and drinks with your friends! This is not a class, <strong>IT'S A PARTY!</strong> We bring in fun, charismatic, skilled gardeners and artisans (with a definite focus on fun!) to local restaurants and bars around Dallas/Ft. Worth to guide you through the process. Favorites include rose bowl terrariums, fairy gardens, herb gardens (yes it's legal) , and holiday wreaths. The Plant and Sip family has a love for all things nature. Our plants are bought from a family farm ensuring we get the very best quality while supporting our fellow plant enthusiasts. Our love for nature doesn’t stop with plants. To be part of the Plant and Sip team, you have to have a love for animals and be willing to donate some of your time to local shelters and rescue groups. Three times a year, Plant and Sip holds fund raisers for our little friends where 100% of the proceeds go to local animal shelters. Sooooo, to sum it up, come with friends to drink, eat, laugh, and create something cool!